Plesk 9.0.1′i Windows Server 2008′e yükleme

  1. Assuming a clean install of Windows Server;
  2. Install IIS
  3. Install MSSQL 2008 or Plesk is going to install MSSQL 2005 for you.
  4. Do the pipeline configuration, check the firewall.
  5. Test the connection by Management Studio
  6. Install Plesk
  7. Start Plesk
  8. Go to admin page, put in IPs and main domain.
  9. Set the child servers in the registrar:,
  10. Go to Plesk and add these nameservers in the DNS record of the main domain
  11. In the DNS template remove the default PTR and NS records. Instead add 2 NS Records:,
  12. Add PTR records for every maindomain of each IP.
  13. For IIS 7 go to Server Name in intmgr and double click ISAPI and CGI Restrictions > edit feature settings > and allow all for 404.2 error.
  14. Make Plesk to listen to port 587 for SMTP by going to Mail Enable Administrator > MailEnable Management > Servers > Localhost > Connectors > SMTP > right click and change General three entries, Inbound: also listen to port .